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Web Technologies


Javascript Web Programming

Client-side web programming essentials using the latest version of JavaScript

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Web Programming with PHP

Website development using PHP, Apache & MySQL

Web Programming with Perl

Website development using Perl, Apache & MySQL

Flask Web Programming for Python Programmers

For those who already know Python. Covers the core Flask framework along with extensions for database access, email, etc.

Kotlin Programming for JavaScript

Covers the essential features of programming in Kotlin and its core libraries, including the latest features and its interface to JavaScript for both DOM and Node.js programming.

Introduction to Flask Programming

Suitable for those with no prior knowledge of Python. Covers both Python and Flask essentials

Web Programming with Ruby

Website development using Ruby, Apache & MySQL

Web Programming with Python

Website development using Python, Apache & MySQL

Java Enterprise Programming

Developing distributed web applications using Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE 7)

Unix/Linux Network Programming

Unix/Linux distributed programming with sockets, the Transport Layer Interface and remote procedure calls

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